Policyholder FAQ

Policyholder's overwhelmingly report this method of valuation and option for streamlined replacement has proven to be efficient, accurate and effective....over 97% state a "value-added" service was provided.

What is RTF’s role in my claim?

RTF is a Property Loss Consulting firm that coordinates a national buying arrangement with manufacturers of professional-grade tools & equipment on behalf of the insurance industry. As a result, distributor-level pricing is obtained based upon the collective purchase volume of all carriers. Our role is to determine replacement cost of the tools & equipment involved in your claim and once approved, promptly facilitate replacement.

How can insurance carriers get such a low price?

The insurance industry as a whole purchases many millions of dollars in tools & equipment each year to settle claims. Coordinating this type of purchase volume allows carriers to obtain exclusive pricing arrangements, order placement and shipping priority, which in turn allows your carrier to promptly put you back to whole, reduce settlement expense and provide you with a value-added service.

What Tool / Equipment manufacturers are involved?

There are over 1800 professional-grade brands in the automotive, construction, electrical, plumbing, HVAC & other trade areas such as; Snap-on, Mac, Matco, Cornwell, SK, OTC, Craftsman, Ingersoll-Rand, Hunter Engineering, Rotary Lift, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, Honda Generators, Senco, Paslode, Greenlee, Ridgid, Klein & Malco just to name a few.

Why should I care? How does this help me?

Operating cost-effectively is critical in every business. The ability to reduce settlement expense while providing policyholders with streamlined and prompt service allows carriers to better control premium rates. You want to be insured with a carrier that operates in this manner.

What about my mobile tool distributor?

All tools will ship factory direct to you; they will not come through your local dealer or retailer. If your claim involves Snap-on, Mac or Matco, your territory mobile distributor that regularly calls on you is compensated by their respective company for tools replaced through this national insurance industry program. This ensures nationwide warranty coverage and eliminates concern about your local dealer being left out of the loop.

How long does it take to receive replacement tools?

Once replacement is approved by your carrier, you simply verify the list of items intended for delivery and return to RTF via email or fax. Orders are placed immediately and most manufacturers ship within the same business day. Overnight or 2nd Day Air delivery is available in urgent situations. Your carrier will determine if policy and/or circumstances warrant this expense.

What about warranty of items shipped?

A common misconception is that local dealers or retail stores offer warranty; when in fact it’s the manufacturer. All product replaced through the program is brand-new and comes with full manufacturer warranty.

What if I want to upgrade items or change to something else (other brand or model)?

Not a problem...this is actually a great opportunity for you to take advantage of your carrier’s exclusive pricing. Simply let us know prior to order placement and we will confirm price and let you know what the variance is from carrier responsibility to cost of item(s) preferred.

How will I know the status of my replacement?

RTF assigns a dedicated easy to reach customer service representative to your claim that will stay in contact with you throughout the replacement process. Your RTF rep will provide complete follow through and address any questions and/or concerns until every item has been received. At the close of replacement, you will be sent a Customer Satisfaction Survey which will give you an opportunity to rate your overall claim experience.

What do other policyholders think of this settlement option?

RTF takes our role in the claim process very seriously. We strive to exceed policyholders expectations and are pleased to share that over 97% of policyholder survey responses believe that RTF’s involvement was a value-added service allowing them to save time and focus on their business objectives.