What makes this resource so effective?

RTF is not a replacement service selling or brokering tools at a profit. We also are not just confirming price; rather we have negotiated manufacturer direct purchase arrangements on behalf of the insurance industry. We are continuously negotiating better pricing, securing new brand and finding way to meet the ever-evolving insurance industry.

Policyholders often times submit a quote from their local dealer for replacement. We verify specifications of original item(s) involved in loss and compare to the current models to substantiate like kind & quality. At times, model submitted represents a substantial upgrade the policyholder may not be entitled to. RTF identifies a fair, current and comparable model then forwards documentation allowing the claim handler to based an accurate settlement.

Due to our extensive knowledge of tools & equipment along with our broad industry experience, we can efficiently and accurately confirm brand, model, description, retail price, carrier's true replacement value and ACV. As a result, we do much of the time-consuming detail work which allows claim handlers to focus on other critical priories.

RTF handles CAT / Major Losses, consulting on unique losses which require in-depth research, provide onsite inventory services, offer deposition and expert witness testimony and specialize in the petroleum-related field. RTF is your one-stop source for claims involving tools & equipment.

At the close of every replacement, a Customer Satisfaction Survey is sent to each policyholder allowing them to share their comments on our performance, experience, knowledge, response time and the overall claim process. Based upon survey responses, 97% of all policyholders believe this extra level of service to be a "value-added" benefit.